Analytical Water Sampling

Analytical water samples are taken to establish a quantitative measurement of the quality of water and to safe guard the building users. Sampling should be carried out as part of a monitoring programme whenever there is doubt over the efficacy of the wholesomeness of the water. This may be an instance of doubt over the efficacy of the control regime, or concerns over the physical presentation in terms of the colour, taste or odour.

Aqua Protec provide services for biological monitoring including; Legionella, TVC, E.Coli, Coliform, ESKAPE pathogens for example Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and parasites such as Cryptosporidium.

All analytical samples are collected, transported, stored and tested in accordance with the legislation and guidance relevant to the sample type.
Legionella are collected, transported and stored in accordance with the requirements of BS7592:2008. Pseudomonas aeruginosa samples are taken in accordance with the clear methodology as cited in HTM04:01 (2016).

Aqua Protec follow PHE Guidelines for Examining food, water and environmental samples from healthcare environments (2013) in order to maintain the integrity of the sample and ensure that it provides a true representation of the system water samples when plated for analysis.

Chemical analysis of water includes the provision of; Lead, Copper, Silver and other heavy metals; Chloride, Chlorine dioxide and other Chlorine containing molecules and non-metal compounds such as Phosphates and Silicates.
All analytical samples taken at customer sites are independently tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Water testing suites such as BSRIA, Closed System Monitoring, and testing of Spa or Swimming Pools are available.

Trend Analysis

Our artificial intelligence systems will analyse sample results, provide a history of persistent out of tolerance samples and evaluate control measures

UKAS Accredited Lab

All microbiological samples are analysed at a UKAS accredited lab to ensure accuracy and reliability

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