Biocide Treatments

Where temperature control is not adequate for a domestic water system biocidal treatment may be required. The selection of a suitable system for the control of legionella and other water pathogens is complex and depends on several parameters including the system design, age, size and water chemistry. There is no single water treatment control regime that is effective in every case and each control method has both benefits and limitations.

Continual Biocide Dosing

Continual dosing of biocides to treat water systems where water is used for domestic purposes may make the water unwholesome and be contrary to water legislation if not correctly planned, implemented, monitored and maintained.

It is imperative that the introduction of a chemical biocide into the system does not pose additional hazards to those it was intended to mitigate. Therefore, the type of biocide and method of introduction must be carefully selected.

Aqua Protec understand the unique requirements of hot and cold water systems and their bespoke needs in order to successfully control the accumulation of waterborne pathogens. Our Consultants provide assessment for the identification of the most suitable type of continual dosing to be installed to maintain system integrity and ensure that the quality of the treated water remains fit for purpose.
Biocide options include: Chlorine Dioxide, Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide, Copper and Silver ionisation.


Aqua Protec works closely with a number of leading manufactures to ensure that the product is delivered, installed and commissioned to their guidelines upholding the warranty.

Aqua Protec are members of the Approved Contractors’ Scheme certified by Severn Trent Water, WaterMark and WaterSafe and therefore able to issue a “work completed” certificate for any general plumbing work we complete to demonstrate compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (1999).


We offer programmes of ongoing maintenance, examination and testing of control measures for the automatic dosing units for the delivery of biocides and other treatment chemicals to keep our clients compliant with the requirements of COSHH (2002).

Chlorine Dioxide

Installation and maintenance of chlorine dioxide dosing units. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidising biocide that is effective at controlling pathogen and biofilm growth

Copper and Silver Ionisation

Installation of copper and silver ionisation unit to provide a continuous release of ions in the water. Copper and silver ions are effective in erdicating harmful pathogens and biofilm


Installation and maintenence of chlorine dosing unit to inhibit the growth of harmful water pathogens within a water system

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