Commissioning and Balancing

Automatic Balancing Valve

Correct commissioning is vitally important for the satisfactory operation and long-term control of hot and cold water systems. Where a staged approach is taken to occupying buildings, the systems should be commissioned in the same sequence.

A commissioning brief should be prepared including a pre-commission water risk assessment to ensure the safety of the building for the rest of the life-cycle. The brief should specify the extent of the commissioning, the competencies of the personnel to be carrying out the process. The objectives including the design data on temperatures, flow rates and pressures, plant and equipment data, drawings and schematics and the list of test certificated to be provided.

Aqua Protec are specialists in dealing with the commission phase we offer a range of services aimed to support you through the phase effectively, our services include:

  • Water Risk Assessments
  • TMV Commissioning
  • Pressure Testing
  • Flushing
  • Pipework Disinfection
  • Balancing of the hot water systems

Balancing of Hot Water Systems

Hydraulic balancing of hot water secondary circulation system is carried out to ensure that minimum temperatures are achieved in all parts of the circuit

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