Pipework Disinfection

It may become evident that the pipework serving a building requires disinfection in order to maintain wholesomeness.

Existing Pipework

When concerns are raised about the wholesomeness of the hot and cold water a local or full system disinfection maybe required to improve water quality.

It is important that if there are notable indicators of a reduction in the wholesomeness of the water quality, for example; taste, odour, flavour or appearance to consider this option.

It is a requirement should analytical sample results indicate that there is unacceptable levels of waterborne pathogens such as Legionella pneumophila or Pseudomonas aeruginosa, particularly if this is resultant of a failure in other implemented control measures.

Aqua Protec use innovative techniques to disinfect local area pipework or full systems. Prior to any disinfection, the system requirements will be analysed by one of our consultants to maximise efficacy in terms of chemical selection, strength and retention period within the requirements of the legislation and guidelines.

New Pipework Installations

Newly installed pipework requires a pre-commission disinfection in order to ensure that the newly installed pipework, fixtures and fittings do not contain a source of bacteria that will proliferate within the system once it becomes live.

Aqua Protec offer; analytical sampling, pre-commission disinfection and TMV validation services for those clients undergoing refurbishment or newbuild works and support a variety of Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Engineering Companies to ensure that the disinfection of new fit pipework is completed to the British Standard BS8558:2015 and PD855468:2015.

Mothballed Systems

Universities and other Education institutions are at particular risk of downtime where no hot or cold water is used in the building for a period greater than 30 days.

Water systems are normally left filled when mothballing a large or complex building, as they cannot easily be drained and there is a risk from drying of cistern joints and corrosion in metal pipework.

If the mothballing process is planned at the outset, a formal process should be put into place particularly when the water system remains functional including Flushing, Disinfection and Analytical Sampling.

Documented weekly flushing of these areas to source water temperature is the best solution to reduce stagnation and the potential for microbial growth, however this may not be reasonably practicable in terms of available or competent inhouse staffing facilitate execution of this process. Aqua Protec can provide suitably competent personnel on an interim basis to carry out flushing of little used outlets during these periods.

Aqua Protec Ltd are experienced in providing pipework disinfections to the standards of British Standard 8558:2015 and PD855468:2015 to re-commission the water system and analytical samples taken prior to the system being put back into use.

Minimal Footprint

When conducting a pipework disinfection there may be major disruption to the water services. Aqua Protec will work with the competent personnel to ensure a detailed plan is in place to minimise water system down time.

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