Pre Planned Maintenance

Water Hygiene Manual Temperature

Effective PPM (Pre Planned Maintenance) is imperative in the control of Legionella and other Waterborne Pathogens within domestic hot and cold water services.

COSHH (2002) provides a framework for the actions required to control the risk from biological agents, this includes the maintenance, examination and testing of control measures to ensure that they are having the desired impact to control the risk. This is reiterated in ACoP L8 (2013). The HSG 274 (2014) specifies the implementation, management and monitoring precautions required to prevent or control risk in order for duty holders to comply with their legal obligations.

Healthcare Premises are required to adhere to the more stringent guidance in HTM04-01 (2016). Aqua Protec are experienced working with the requirements of Water Safety Groups and the holistic approach to water hygiene within a healthcare premises. We ensure that the needs of the Water Safety Policy, Water Safety Plan and the individual needs of each site resultant from the Legionella Risks Assessment are considered in the delivery of PPM services.

Applicable British Standards inform the production of our standard operating procedures to ensure high quality service delivery to safeguard all building users.

Aqua Protec develops programmes of PPM tasks specific to our clients’ needs based on the risks highlighted as part of their risk assessments.


Pre Planned Maintenance of Water System

Flushing of Infrequently Used Outlets

Flushing of the outlets until the temperature at the outlet stabilises and is
comparable to supply water and purge to drain

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