Closed Systems

The maintenance of water quality in closed circuit heating and cooling systems is essential to avoid biofouling, scale and corrosion. These Issues may occur due to poor operation and in the supply and management of the water treatment programme. This can result in energy wastage, poor system performance, and the need for early replacement of plant components.

Aqua Protec provide comprehensive water treatment programmes for hot water heating systems, heat pumps and chilled water systems. The programme ensures the system is maintained in a clean condition, assists in maintaining efficiency and prolongs the system life.

The programme will consider the system design and specification of the materials, avoidance of stagnation and operating characteristics that minimise air ingress.

If there is a programme already in place Aqua Protec offer ad-hoc services tailored to your requirements, these include:

Pre-Commission Cleaning and Flushing

Selection and Application of Inhibitors

Installation of Side Stream Filtration

Sampling & Testing Regime

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