Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

Aqua Protec have extensive experience of the provision of mechanical services. The design of a building’s water system may require modifications as a result of changes in the size and configuration of the building or the needs of the occupants. If incorrectly designed, the system can present a foreseeable risk of exposure to harmful water pathogens. Mechanical services are available to modify and develop a water system to prevent ideal conditions forming for bacteria to proliferate.

Water systems that are in a poor state or have been badly designed can increase the risk of bacteria colonising an area. Waterborne pathogens such as Legionella pneumophila occur in natural water sources but can rapidly multiply in artificial, purpose-built water systems. Hospitals, office blocks and other large buildings are more vulnerable to contamination as they have larger, more complex water systems where bacteria can spread quickly. Mechanical modifications are usually the most effective long-term solution to create a wholesome water system by preventing stagnation and keeping temperatures controlled.

Cold water storage can be a particular area of concerned raised in the risk assessment, particularly, where the condition of the cold water storage tanks and cisterns are not suitable or sufficient for this purpose. In some cases, it may be appropriate to remove the tanks altogether, however where this may not be reasonably practicable, other mechanical solutions and refurbishment work may be necessary for example; removal of hollow lid supports, re-piping, relining, tundish installation, replacement of mesh guards, lids or insulation or direct replacement for a more suitably sized tank for the building usage.

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